we provide third-party finance for renewable heat production and energy efficiency projects

Kyotherm provides third-party finance for renewable heat production and energy efficiency projects. We work towards this aim with project leaders (energy experts, users, developers, installers, users of heat, developers. etc.) and finance our projects with an optimal capital cost. Kyotherm then supplies the heat or energy saving to the end user over contract periods of 5 to 25 years so that they can make savings from year 1 without having to invest.

Financing renewable energy efficiency is a complete commitment

Kyotherm provides significant value in the contractual, industrial and financial arrangements. The team at Kyotherm is made of experts in different aspects of renewable heat projects, from the development and construction to the operational management after commissioning.

Financing renewable energy efficiency in a strong partnership

Kyotherm also invests in these projects with a real capacity to share industrial risk, in particular if an off-balance sheet heat supply or energy performance arrangement is needed.

Financing renewable energy efficiency : Kyotherm typical deal structure, as equity investor in biomass and geothermal energy

Kyotherm has subsidiaries in France, the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and invests across the entire world. If you know of a project for which Kyotherm could provide finance, please do not hesitate to reach our contact form or visit our LinkedIn page.