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District Heating Networks


District Heating Networks

A district heating network has three components:

  1. the central station (heat generation plant using fossil fuels, solid biomass, geothermal energy, etc.)
  2. the distribution network (“primary”)
  3. the sub-stations: delivery points to customers:


The district heating networks enables:

  • Economies of space and scale, resulting in cost savings
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Easy implementation of renewable energy.


A priority to achieve the goals of the European Union regarding renewable energy

An important goal of the “Grenelle” in France is to double the production of heat from district heating by 2020, from 2 to 4 Mtoe, and to increase the share of renewable energy used in these networks:

Similar policies are implemented throughout the European Union in order to fulfill the commitments made by the Member States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, improve energy efficiency by 20% and ensure that renewable energies account for 20% of energy consumption by 2020.