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What we do

Financing and management of heating facilities

Kyotherm’s purpose is to provide project capital to finance renewable heating and energy efficiency projects. Kyotherm helps develop energy infrastructure and acquires majority stakes in green energy generation projects like geothermal and biomass heating plants or district heating networks.

In addition to actually making financial investments, Kyotherm’s team brigs its industrial know-how, its pro-active approach and its expertise to help its partners with the development and financing of their green energy infrastructure. Kyotherm can bring added value in the structuring of the projects :

  • Audit of the legal framework
  • Project risk analysis and hedging
  • Drafting of contractual documentation
  • Negotiations with lending banks
  • Equity financing
  • Legal and financial management of the project during the operational phase

Kyotherm or its project company will take the role of the project owner of the installations, in compliance with the requirements of the project developers and clients, on the technical and commercial aspects.


The advantages of our offer to project developers are:

  • No investments, no debt for the project developer or the client(s)
  • Added value on the contractual and financial structuring (“co-development”)
  • Possibility to respond to the strong demand of renewable energies, usually capital-intensive projects.
  • A single management solution, even if there are several stakeholders (several clients but a single centralized boiler station)
  • Mitigating and sharing of the technical and financial risks of the projects
  • Focus on the core-business for technical partners

Thanks to its access to capital and expertise, Kyotherm can provide the best energy prices and the best management solution for the end customer. The experience and professionalism of its management is a guarantee that the reactivity and creativity necessary to achieve the success you expect for your projects will be delivered.

Kyotherm SAS, created for 99 years, is committed on a very long term basis with the project stakeholders.



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